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Fat Tire Biking in Colorado

Explore Snowy Trails on Two-Wheels.

Just because the snow flies doesn’t mean biking season is over! On the contrary. Due to the growing popularity of fat tire biking, pedaling across terrain with a wintry wonderland backdrop becomes all the more fun.

Introduced in 2005 by Minnesota alt-bike brand “Surly,” fat tire biking was born without much consideration that the sport would evolve to be as popular as it is today. With a growing population of riding enthusiasts and everyday folks looking for new ways to exercise and recreate during the winter, increased interest in the sport grew. This has led to a thriving industry with global brands like Specialized and Trek jumping into the fat tire biking market.

With their 4.8-inch tires, fat tire bikes create a large contact patch with the ground, making them ideal for tracking in snow. And though turning these bikes can be slow and feel heavy, going fast is not the goal. The massive tires afford riders a chance to navigate over a variety of fun and challenging terrain, all at a pace that allows for taking in one’s surroundings.

With Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa situated on 6,500 acres of pristine wilderness with breath-taking views, jumping on a fat tire bike is one of the many unique ways our lodging guests and season pass holders can experience the Ranch in winter, a truly magical time. The Ranch offers a selection of groomed trails with varying degrees of difficulty to suit both beginners and more advanced riders, and the riding season typically spans mid-November to the end of March.

For more information on the sport of fat tire biking or to rent one, contact our Activities Center at 970-726-8231.


Please note: Fat tire bike rentals are available to lodging guests and season pass holders of Devil’s Thumb Ranch only. Temperatures of 38 degrees (Fahrenheit) or lower are required to access the bike trails.


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