Reflect, Restore, and Reconnect with Wellness Weekends at the Ranch.

Wellness Weekends Spring 2018 at Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort.

These days when we hear the word ‘wellness’, it can conjure up a variety of ideas of what exactly that means. To some it might be a few extra downward dogs on the mat, others it’s shopping the organic isle at the grocery store. But the path to finding balance and global health in one’s life is as unique and complex as the individual seeking it.

Personally, I have always been overly curious with a drive to learn. I am fascinated by how things connect (or don’t) and why. This has lead me on more than one occasion to seek experiences that afford a better understanding of life in the global ‘stand on top of the mountain peak’ sense… in some cases literally.

The idea the Ranch would decide to offer a wellness series on a variety of subjects ranging from self-care, improved personal communication, ancient Ayurvedic practices (which I know very little about, but it sure sounds interesting) to heeding our intuition (which on a good day I’ve done, on a bad day, paid for) is nothing short of living so much of what I believe the Ranch’s “BIG WHY” is.

This isn’t just a resort, a place to sleep or take in pretty views. It represents a reason to connect with things that truly matter most in life… a ground zero for reflection, restoration and authentic interaction with loved ones, nature, or just ourselves.

So as another winter concludes and spring begins to pop up around us, I encourage our guests and staff to consider what true wellness means to them.

– Chris Bettey


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