This New Year, Resolve to Restore.

Colorado Resort Spa Hot Tub

Brace yourself, because it’s coming – that dreaded “R” word. At family gatherings and holiday parties, the word “resolution” will surely ricochet across rooms – instilling vigor in a few, but mostly anxiety in the rest of us.

If you’ve begun working on your own list of New Year’s resolutions, I’m going to bet it looks something like this – eat more kale, do more sit-ups, lose more inches, save more money. All wonderful goals for sure. But as I got to thinking about my own similar list, it occurred to me that the whole premise of resolutions is improvement. How can we improve ourselves this year?

Which led me to wonder, what if we took a totally different approach to New Year’s resolutions? What if, instead of stressing about how we can improve, we focus on how we can restore what is already good?

I for one resolve to restore my well-being, restore my peace of mind, and restore my connection with nature and loved ones so that I can continue to be a good spouse, a good parent, a good friend, a good employee, and a good steward of the land.

And what better place to accomplish these goals than right here at Devil’s Thumb Ranch? I invite you to join me in 2019 for quiet hikes, peaceful runs, tranquil rides, restorative spa treatments, and even homegrown kale.

Who knows? We just may drop a few pounds in the process!


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