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Enjoy the beauty and taste the freshness of sustainable gardening.

A lush haven where guests can relax in the peaceful surroundings, unwind with a cup of joe, or learn about local flora, was first imagined by the Ranch’s Lead Gardner, Kendra Stumpf, back in 2015. In addition to adding beautiful sights and smells to the resort, the vision for Kendra’s Garden also embodied two intertwined core values of the Ranch, sustainable gardening practices and the local sourcing of food.

While both of these practices have been trending as exemplified by the abundant number of farmer’s markets and popularity of organic produce, if you dig a little deeper and look past the marketing sound bites, inquiring minds may wonder “what exactly are the tangible benefits of sustainably-raised and locally-sourced produce?”

Sustainable gardening practices speak to the use of natural techniques rather than chemical pesticides or herbicides to protect crops from insects, predators, and invasive weeds, as well as the use of native soil and organic compost and fertilizer. “Locally-sourced” refers to produce grown within a 100 to 150-mile radius of where it is sold and consumed.

A big reason why the terms “sustainably-raised” and “locally-sourced” go hand-in-hand is that the shorter the distance harvested produce needs to travel to get to market, the less processing with synthesized or chemical agents is required to preserve freshness. Another big benefit is that locally-sourced produce retains a higher concentration of nutrients which tend to diminish over time once harvested. The quicker produce gets to market and onto your table, the healthier it is for you.

So, the next time you stay overnight and dine at the Ranch, savor the flavors of fresh, vibrant vegetables locally grown in Grand County, or even right here from our own soil.

Proudly and prominently displayed at the center of our property, Kendra’s Garden continues her legacy of sustainable gardening practices and delighting lodging guests with fresh and flavorful produce.

Guests are invited to learn more during tours of the garden. Join one today: HERE

(All Activities, Dining, Spa, and Amenities are Reserved for Lodging Guests and Ranches Owners Only)


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