Alternative, Stones, and Beetlemania

Colorado Mountain Restaurant

Rocking the ultimate green getaway.

Six thousand acres of fragrant pines aside, Devil’s Thumb Ranch has always been the greenest of retreats. Caring for this pristine land and its precious resources is as important to us as caring for our guests.

While terms like “green” and “sustainable” are the buzzwords du jour, they’ve been a part of our vocabulary since the inception of the resort. Taking “reduce, reuse, and recycle” to the next level, we incorporated geothermal heating long before it was cool, and our bright ideas go way beyond energy-saving lightbulbs.

To create a truly authentic yet rustically elegant experience, we’ve moved entire Civil War-era barns to the Ranch piece by piece, constructed the coziest of rooms using local and reclaimed materials, and adopted alternative energy sources to enhance the existing warmth.

So when you curl up to a crackling fire here this fall, you’ll be pleased to learn that our intricate fireplaces were built with stones salvaged from a nearby rock slide. When your slippers slide across our warm wooden floors, you can take comfort that they were crafted from repurposed beetle kill pine. And when you’re wrapped up in a soft, fluffy robe at the Ranch Creek Spa, you’ll find our solar-powered sanctuary to be sustainably soothing.

While the leaves are changing to the most vibrant shades of red, yellow and orange, we’ve gone out of the way and off the grid to offer our guests the greenest of getaways.


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