Top Tips to Prepare for the Stagecoach Classic

Ready, set, go! The snow is finally here and we are looking forward to hosting the 5th annual Stagecoach Classic on Saturday, January 20th. Here are some tips on how you can get race-ready:

1. Set your goal. Which race do you want participate in? Are you doing the 30km Race? 15km Race? 15km Ski or Snowshoe Tour?

2. Get good gear. Good fit is important. Buy or rent gear from a reputable source or talk to our experienced Devil’s Thumb Ranch Nordic Staff.

3. Take a lesson. The first stage of learning to classic ski is just getting comfortable in the gear. You’ll learn to stride forward, get better with your balance and learn how to stop downhill.

4. Keep training… on snow. Get outside, even in short increments, and enjoy the journey of getting ready.

5. Dry land training is a great alternative when snow isn’t accessible. Improve your endurance with biking, running or ski walking with Nordic poles; strength train with weights and improve your coordination with balance drills.

6. Sign up on


-Marie-Ange Anderson

& Grady Vigneau


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