Kevin Scannell

Expert Colorado Fly-Fishing Guides

Kevin Scannell lives in Fraser and has been a full time fly fishing guide and instructor at Devil’s Thumb Ranch since 2001, and has fished Grand County’s local rivers for 30 years.  He attended the Univ. of Colorado in Boulder, earning a B.S. degree in Environmental and Organismic Biology, then landed in the Fraser Valley “’Cause it just can’t be beat. I can walk to great fly fishing 10 minutes from my front door.”

Kevin enjoys guiding people of all ages and walks of life and whether you are a beginner trying to land your first trout or an avid angler honing their game on small technical water in the high country, he is patient, good-humored, and always up for a day on the water.  He strives to deliver a great guest experience and especially enjoys highlighting the water on Devil’s Thumbs’ property.  “Fly fishing is a great example of science meeting art form, and there’s no prettier setting to have that come together than here.”

Not only is Kevin a great fly fishing guide but also works as a Level lll ski instructor at Winter Park Resort.  His free time is spent outdoors fishing, skiing, backpacking, and bird hunting with his wife and two dogs. He also enjoys collecting vintage guitars.

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