Remote at the Ranch

Give your home office or classroom mountain views.

Back to school doesn’t necessarily mean back to the classroom, so with that extra flexibility, why not set up shop in the fresh mountain air and wide-open spaces for a spell or two? Our 6,500 acres of pristine, peaceful mountain wilderness makes for the ideal location to limit distractions and focus on the tasks at hand. Ranch adventures await to refresh your body, mind, and spirit at recess, break-time, or at the end of a productive day. From working adults to young learners, visit the Ranch for an incredible change of scenery and a refreshing change of pace.

Remote at the Ranch

  • Start your day the fit way with our Fitness Center opening at 7am Monday through Friday.
  • Find your center with a complimentary mat pilates session at 8:30am Mondays and Fridays.
  • No need to stop when you’re on a roll with room service!
  • Enjoy an afternoon caffeine-boost from Hallowed Grounds.
  • Need a change of scenery? Find quiet nooks around the Ranch with Wi-Fi, such as Heck’s Loft or Broadaxe Barn Patio (above the pool).
  • When the clock strikes 5 you’ll be ready for patio views and a drink or two at Heck’s Tavern. And if it’s a Friday, order a Cocktail Kit to your room to mix up 6-7 specialty cocktails to share!

Recess at the Ranch

(For the little wranglers)

  • Take a short hike to our Fishing Pond or a bit further to the Ridgetop Pond.
  • Visit the mini goats and other furry friends at the Stables.
  • Eat a delicious and nutritious lunch delivered to your room.
  • Color in our Cattle Rustler coloring sheet (Find art supplies at Zach’s Mercantile)
  • Find all the different vegetables and flowers growing in Kendra’s Garden.
  • Visit Hallowed Grounds for an afternoon treat.
  • We get our cardio in at the Ranch by mountain biking and swimming. Turn your recess into P.E. with a longer break to get your heart rate up!

Take your office or classroom to Ranch and reserve your guest room, private cabin, or guest house today!

(All Activities, Dining, Spa, and Amenities are Reserved for Lodging Guests and Ranches Owners Only)


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