Ranch Careers: Charity’s Story

Charity went to college for a degree in recreation management, so it’s safe to say that she currently occupies her dream job. It all started at Devil’s Thumb Ranch over 13 years ago when she was hired as a massage therapist for their budding spa operation. Working her way up in various roles and taking on more and more responsibility, she’s proud of the career she’s built doing what she loves. She credits the Devil’s Thumb Ranch corporate management team for their advice and guidance, providing a wealth of experience and real world, out-of-the-box thinking to help her problem solve and grow. Charity now fills the role as Executive Director of Spa, Recreation and Retail.

She’s grateful for the personal freedom her various roles have given her along the way, and now feels empowered to cultivate the next generation of Devil’s Thumb Ranch staff to reach their full potential at the Ranch.


What’s most rewarding is that as my roles have evolved and changed over the years, the learning experience has always remained interesting and fulfilling. That, and Devil’s Thumb Ranch allows me to live and work in this wonderful community and to experience this beautiful place we call home. It’s not normal life, it’s better than that, and it’s perfect for me. – Charity




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