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As we watch the first snowflakes this fall, we long for the cross-country ski season to start. Perhaps, this is the year that you’re thinking about purchasing your own skis so you can get out on the trails more frequently without a stop in the rental shop. There are some considerations when purchasing the right Nordic skis, and we’ve gathered a few pro-tips below:

  • When buying classic skis, specify to your shop associate where you will mostly be skiing, either on groomed trails (Nordic Center) or off track (non-groomed trails). That way, you will get the best fit for your skiing style.
  • Touring/classic skis are made for skiing on and out of track. This style is typically shorter for better maneuverability and wider for more stability and flotation in deeper snow. Choosing a full or 3/4 metal edge provides a better grip in icy conditions.
  • Classic Performance/Race skis are longer and have a more specific flex to match the weight of skier. Having the correct length and flex is critical to have an enjoyable skiing experience.
  • There is also a difference between waxless and waxable classic skis:
    • Waxless skis have a pattern scale on the bottom that allows you to climb without slipping backwards and require little maintenance. You can apply glide wax on tips and tails to improve performance.
    • Waxable skis have a grip wax applied on the base of the middle of the ski and glide wax will be applied on tip and tail in order to glide faster. The area which you apply this grip wax will depend on the flex of the ski and skier weight.
  • If you’re considering buying skate skis, choose the right flex for your height and weight. Skate skis tend to be shorter, narrower and have a different camber than classic skis. The entire base of the skis will be maintained with glide wax.
With the proper gear and fit you are ready to go enjoy the outdoors. Visit with any of us in Zach’s Mercantile to learn more.
— Marie Ange Anderson and Grady Vigneau


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