By the Light of a Silvery Moon

Nighttime Skiing Colorado Full Moon Tour

When the sun sets, the skiers set out.

With the swish of freshly waxed skis under one’s feet and the welcome glow of a full moon above, one can’t help but find a sense of tranquility in Nordic skiing at night.

Cross-country skiing under a full moon is an otherworldly experience that is difficult to put into words, perhaps because so many of our days are spent working, talking, talking, and working. A night-time Nordic ski by default encourages calm and silence.

As the sun sets, the ski trails take on a welcoming character of their own. Those willing to brave slightly chillier temperatures, quickly staved off by the aerobic nature of Nordic skiing, will find a renewed sense of peace in the moonlight.

Other than the usual proper cross-country ski clothing and equipment necessary for a day-time ski, a few additional items one may want to pack would be the ubiquitous Petzl headlamp, a small thermos of something hot to drink, snacks like trail mix or a power bar, and an easily packable insulated jacket (i.e. down or primaloft work well) for when one pulls off the trail to enjoy their hot beverage.

Doing a full weather check before venturing out into the night is also recommended. No moon equals no light, which is no fun. If your night is clear, the moon will reflect nicely off the snow making it surprisingly easy to see. An added bonus comes from the intense stars shining across the galaxy clearly visible due to low light pollution in the secluded mountain setting.

If you’re now fully inspired to indulge in a full moon ski tour, Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa offers a few complimentary opportunities for our overnight lodging guests to take advantage of this fun and unique approach to Nordic skiing. Full moon ski tours end with piping hot cocoa or cider at our Sawmill yurt.

Tours are limited to 9 people per tour and can be reserved through our Activities Center by calling (970) 726-8231.

Some Nordic skiing experience is preferred. Equipment is not included.

Upcoming Full Moon Ski Tours:
Saturday, January 30th (Wolf Moon)
Saturday, February 27th (Snow Moon)
Saturday, March 27th (Worm Moon)

We look forward to seeing you on the ski trails on the next beautiful moonlit night!


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