Silent Nights & Joyous Days 

Colorado Mountain Resort

Formula for a Family White Christmas in the Mountains.

“Not a creature was stirring” feels like a tall-tale when you’re experiencing the hectic holidays with kids and parents alike getting restless at home. It’s understandable you may long for a magical mountain getaway waking up to a white Christmas and a change of routine. The idea of making the holiday wondrous and adventure-filled certainly has lots of appeal, but what destination will check all the boxes for creating the most unforgettable family holiday?

If you’re looking for a change of scenery for your family vacation without crowds or the hustle and bustle of the season, then an intimate lodge with plenty to do and just enough folks around to give you that sense of shared excitement and holiday camaraderie may strike the perfect balance. You could even seek additional tranquility in a secluded private log cabin tucked away in the frosted forest or a deluxe mountain vacation home.

Next, you’ll want endless, outdoor snow activities to keep everyone excited, exercised, and out of their normal element. Nordic skiing, fat tire biking, ice skating, horseback riding, and sleigh rides–these types of winter activities at your daily disposal can deliver the healthy change of pace you seek, especially for those city slickers!

After an enriching array of unique experiences in the pristine mountain outdoors, retreat to warm, inviting accommodations to relax and snuggle up, and revel in lavish and fun amenities. Indulge in a pampering spa treatment, reserve a private hot tub session just for your family, or cozy up to an outdoor firepit under the stars for quality time with those you love the most and take in nature’s majestic nighttime beauty, calm, and quiet.

Festive feasts are certainly part of the recipe for any unforgettable holiday. Whether it’s the seasonal flavored cup of joe to start your day or the local, pasture-to-plate dinner dishes you can’t get anywhere else for dine-in or take-out, you won’t need to lift a finger to cook or clean your memorable meals.

Your ideal holiday destination should strike the proper balance between ambiance and lack of crowds, healthy outdoor activities and pampering amenities, and of course, offer delectable dining. Throw in breathtaking panoramic views of the Continental Divide, fresh mountain air, and wide-open spaces for good measure, and don’t forget–s’mores and hot cocoa make everything sweeter.


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