Ready, Set, Aim, Throw

Hatchet Throwing

Step back and lean into the history of axe throwing.

Nordic skiing isn’t the only Viking-favorite around these parts. The old sport of axe throwing has been making a comeback as a popular social activity and is all the craze for your mountain getaway, team-building activity, family reunion, or even bachelor/bachelorette celebration.

Although the trend might be new, the sport isn’t, and in fact, could be one of the oldest competitions in existence. As one of the oldest tools to be used by mankind, the axe has been around since the Stone Age, first with the purpose of cutting or digging, later to be turned into a hunting weapon known as the Swedish-Norwegian Battle Axe (3200–1800 BC), and then eventually as a Throwing Axe by the Teutonic tribes and the Franks (400–500 AD).

Closer to the Native American tomahawks, hatchets are used in this activity at the Ranch. Experienced throwers will understand that the size, weight, and length of the tool will change the rotation, speed, and throwing technique used. Participants will take aim, throw, and earn points depending on where their hatchet lands, or hopefully sticks, into the wooden target, with hitting the bull’s eye as the goal in mind.

As a social activity, one might think there could be too many distractions, but with our controlled environment and experienced activity leaders to coach and direct each thrower and observer, it’s a safe and fun way to break the ice (or wood).

Lucky for lodging guests of the Ranch, these tools are only used for sport and not out of necessity. To top off the enjoyment, the outdoor setting can’t be beat. Only offered during the warmer seasons, hatchet throwing is best enjoyed under the summer sun, and in the endless, untamed wilderness against a panoramic mountain backdrop.

Your next authentic mountain adventure won’t be complete without a little prehistoric competition. Learn, practice, and try your hand at throwing hatchets when you reserve this activity: HERE

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