Taking a gap year can be intimidating. You’re just out of high school, unsure of where to take your next step. Travel is an option, but it can be expensive. Internships can be valuable, but often, are unpaid and can be highly competitive. With positions open in a variety of fields, Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa is the perfect place to recharge, refocus, and learn more about yourself and how you envision your future while gaining valuable skills in the hospitality industry and beyond.

Experience what life has to offer at the Ranch while learning new skills, meeting new friends, having fun doing your favorite outdoor activities, and creating lifelong memories for both you and our guests!

Join us on over 6,500 acres of pristine Colorado wilderness, just 75 miles from Denver to get the most out of your Gap Year experience! Our staff members are personable, adventurous, hard-working, honest, and are willing to pitch in when they see that a helping hand is needed, giving our guests the experience of true Western hospitality at its finest.

Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa offers our employees a variety of housing options, free shuttle services, free trail access, free employee events, free yoga classes, exclusive discounts on ranch restaurants, retail, and equipment rentals, as well as 50% off season passes at Winter Park Resort.

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So how does it all work? You have questions and we have answers!

Can I still go to college after my Gap Year?

Absolutely. Some of the most prestigious Universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford etc. all encourage that students take gap year. Why? Many schools report that gap year students have higher GPAs and are more involved on campus.

Where do Ranch employees live?

The majority of our staff lives in Grand County with options to live in our subsidized employee housing if they are working over 35 hours a week on a first-come, first-serve basis or find housing of their own in Grand County.

Are meals provided by the Ranch?

There are opportunities to purchase food from our restaurants on property at an employee-exclusive discounted price, as well as meals provided for staff events. Outside of these options, employees do their shopping and cooking on their own time. All employee housing includes a full kitchen to store and prepare your food.

Do I need a vehicle to work on the Ranch?

No, we have you covered! Shuttles are scheduled every day to and from employee housing units.

What are the usual hours for employees?

Our employees work 40-hour weeks with consistent “weekend days” assigned so you can get your work done and still be able to plan fun excursions!

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