Local & Flavorful

Sustainable pasture-to-plate dining.

From our purebred, free-range Wagyu program, to our ever-expanding local partner list, to our on-property garden and beyond, we are always working to find innovative ways to elevate our local and sustainable dining program. Through this journey to find more conscientious practices, one often also discovers intensely flavorful and distinctive culinary offerings. This encapsulates one of the most integral pillars of the Ranch’s culinary program- to find ways to build menus and dishes that are environmentally sound and locally focused while not skimping on tastiness.

From 2013 when the Ranch acquired its first purebred Wagyu cow to now, both our passion and our herd have grown immensely. Not only have we been able to create a life for the cattle that is free-range and stress-free, but by treating the animals in the most humane way possible and providing a more natural diet, the Wagyu beef ends up with a magnitude of nutritional benefits and a very unique, rich flavor profile. Our culinary staff is, of course, delighted to be able to have such a distinctive and delectable ingredient with which to craft signature dishes and culinary experiences using our own land to raise the cows in a sustainable way.

Our land provides for us in many ways, including through fresh vegetables and herbs grown in Kendra’s Garden. While the harvest is still many moons away, and our small batch crop is entirely at the will of the quirky Colorado mountain climate, having a garden of Ranch-grown produce is one small way we utilize the natural benefits of our land. In addition, it also offers a home for the Ranch’s eighty beehives’ “buzzy” work each summer to make 100% pure, raw mountain honey.

But what about items we can’t grow onsite? We’re proud to partner with a wide array of passionate foodies in our own community to source some of the freshest, ecologically sound ingredients. Our partnership with Sisu Farms in Granby provides us with farm-fresh eggs for the best start to your day, while you can taste unique, local flavors of “consciously cultivated” mushrooms from Grand Lake’s Mystic Mountain Mushrooms throughout the day at each of our restaurants. These partners are merely two on our ever-growing list of local suppliers, because we believe in our community. When you shorten the distance between farm to table and say goodbye to the middle man, you cut down on energy to package and transport products, support local businesses, benefit from the freshest ingredients and taste, and offer guests the culinary experience that’s distinct to the area.

With all of that said, there are always new opportunities to grow, enhance our offerings, and continue to wave our green flag. With new and exciting greenhouse projects in the works and many more ideas buzzing around, this Earth Day we’re elated to have the opportunity to celebrate what we’ve accomplished and acknowledge all of the exciting opportunities on the horizon to continue to learn and grow in our sustainable dining practices.


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