Natural & Eco-Friendly Products

Tough on germs, gentle on the environment.

When away from home, feeling comfortable with cleanliness is now more important than ever. Not only with regard to the pillowcase you lay your head on, but also the glass your bartender pours your wine into or the pool chair you lounge in to relax and forget all your cares… especially when it comes to germs! While our commitment to the highest standard of sanitization has never wavered, it is the combination of solutions we can trust to be tough on germs while gentle on the environment that we feel is also very important. Not only do we look for natural products that are as effective as possible in cleaning surfaces, fabrics, and high-touch areas, but also ways we can limit the impact on our land and its resources. Efforts such as refillable cleaning bottles, discontinuation of paper menus and in-room collateral, washable masks for staff, removal of extra throw blankets and decorative pillows, limiting contact with by-request housekeeping services, and opening windows for fresh air circulation.

Beyond cleanliness, we also think of the land first when it comes to products and packaging used for our in-room amenities, especially when it relates to topicals that we use to shower our bodies or massage our skin.  The only added ingredients we want to see are from Mother Nature. This is why our in-room shampoo, conditioner, and lotion are all-natural, organic, and custom-made for our resort. With plastics at the top of the list for an average resort’s waste, the Ranch uses refillable bottles for each of these amenities and offers hydro flask water bottles instead of single-use plastic to eliminate a large amount of trash from the landfill.

Purifying is not only important for the surfaces we touch and the air we breathe, but also for your mind, body, and skin. By using all-natural ingredients for each massage, facial, or soak at the Ranch Creek Spa, you leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with vitamins and nutrients. Benefits such as decreasing stress, relieving tension and pressure, soothing muscles, and quenching dry skin can be achieved with essential oils and ingredients such as Arnica, Mangosteen, and even local CBD–nature’s oldest and newest plant medicine.

Sustainability and cleanliness will never be in competition for the top priorities here at Devil’s Thumb, but will always go hand-in-hand for comfortable and care-free experiences in the pristine wilderness of the Rockies.


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