Warm Up Together

Couple's Copper Tub Spa Treatment

Cooler weather means hotter activities.

Sweaters, scarves, and sweethearts. There are no better ways to stay warm when it’s chilly outside. Snuggling up with someone special is always a must when the seasons change, but here at the Ranch, you don’t just curl up on the couch. Instead of spicing up your fall-themed latte, try spicing up your quality time together while also reaping health benefits from a couple’s spa treatment.

Sink into an oversized copper tub big enough for two. Soak in the restorative properties of copper. Soak in the healing effects of mineral salts. Soak in the moment together. With its natural antibacterial properties, copper not only creates a hygienic environment for cleaner water, it also transfers healing effects to the body. Time spent soaking in a copper tub can reduce inflammation on connective tissue and ease joint pain and movement.

Enhance and extend your experience with a full-body couple’s massage using fall favorite techniques and warming products. Turn up the heat with a deep tissue, Swedish-style massage using long, kneading strokes to relieve tension, relax, and energize. Warming ingredients such as honey blossom oil and cinnamon paprika spot treatment bring heat and circulation to stubborn areas.

So trade in your jackets for robes, your boots for slippers, and head to the spa to heat things up with your sweetie.


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