Holy Cow!

Have you tasted Wagyu beef?

Some come to Devil’s Thumb Ranch for the wondrous scenery, some for the winding trails, and others for the western adventure. But everyone comes back for the Wagyu beef.

What’s Wagyu? It’s a Japanese beef cattle breed – Wa meaning Japanese and gyu meaning cow. Originally used as agricultural draft animals, Wagyu were revered for their physical endurance – a result of their more intra-muscular fat cells that provided a readily available energy source.

As it turns out, this “marbling” also produces the most tender, succulent beef to ever hit your taste buds. A rich, buttery, gastronomic delight, the Wagyu experience is simply an unparalleled dining adventure. With its higher proportion of monounsaturated fats, essential fatty acids, and omega 3 and 6, Wagyu beef is a healthier choice of meat, too.

Although first imported in 1975, Wagyu is still very rare in the United States. Devil’s Thumb Ranch is one of the few ranches in the country breeding purebred Wagyu cattle. Naturally raised and completely corn and grass-fed, our population has grown to 172 since our first acquisition of 39 in 2013, with 30-40 harvested per year exclusively for our restaurants.

With the snow soon melting, there’s no better time to take a walk through the valley, enjoy a tour of our Wagyu operation, and then experience the melt-in-your-mouth phenomenon firsthand at Heck’s Tavern or Ranch House Restaurant & Saloon.

For Heck’s Tavern reservations, call 970-726-7013.

For Ranch House Restaurant & Saloon reservations, call 970-726-5633


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