The Spring Hummingbird Return

Colorado Bird Watching

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Few people get excited about April 15th, but we do. This time of year means that hummingbirds will soon be returning to Colorado. The Broad-Tailed Hummingbird that can be seen in our state is identified by their green and buffy flanks. While the females and immature males have green spots on their throats and cheeks, the adult male throat turns a bright and beautiful magenta color as they mature.

During their long winter migration to and from the tropical highlands of Mexico, a hummingbird’s wings can flap up to 80 times a second. They will gain body weight prior to starting their trip, but supporting this high energy level can be exhausting. Even though Colorado can see snow as late as April, and a snowcapped hummingbird feeder is a bit ironic, we do our best to give the hummingbirds a warm welcome home after their long trek.

Making sugar water for hummingbird feeders makes life sweeter for both the hummers and your home! Mix one-part cane sugar to four-parts hot water, stirring until all the sugar crystals are liquefied. When the sugar is dissolved, place the mixture in your bird feeder and wait to watch our majestic friends flap over for a quick visit. Planting colorful flowers is another way to attract hummingbirds while also adding to the beauty of your yard.


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