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Barnyard buddies

  • Tori: 9-year-old female Boer Goat
  • Candy: Brown pygmy goat, mom of Tom
  • Tom: Caramel Pygmy goat, son of Candy
  • Winston: 5-year-old gold Nigerian Dwarf Goat
  • Tabor: 5-year-old gold Nigerian Dwarf Goat
  • Harley and Bruce: 2-year-old Lionhead Rabbits

Adult horses

Most of our horse herd consists of beginner adult horses, however we also have horses that are perfect for guests with a little more experience in their past.

Kids horses

Most of our kid’s horses have been in our program for years and have transitioned from being an adult riding horse to a kid’s riding horse. It takes a very special horse to be a kid’s horse at Cabin Creek Stables where they have the responsibility of taking care of our young buckaroos. Many of our adult horses can also be a kid’s horse when led by an adult or wrangler.


  • Han Solo: 13-year-old chocolate miniature horse
  • Malala: 12-year-old dun miniature horse
  • Henry: 13-year-old miniature donkey

We’re Proud to be a partner with The Annie Project, a 501(C)3 non-profit organization created to offer Dude and Guest Ranches a new option for retiring horses


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