The 37-seat theater available to Ranch guest by request during normal business hours through the front desk. Guests are welcome to reserve on a first come, first serve basis through the front desk. We carry a library of family friendly movies to choose from in the lobby at no charge and guests are welcome to bring their own favorite flick. The theater is ideal for big television events including but not limited to sporting events, Oscars and presidential debates to name few. Beverages and snacks are available through the lobby Sundry Shop as well as restaurant outlets; Heck’s, Ranch House Restaurant and Hallowed Grounds. The entrance to the theater is graced by a movie poster of Clint Eastwood’s, The Good the Bad and the Ugly which is a nod to the rugged individualism attributed to the West which is a pillar of the Ranch mission statement. The theater is available to rent for private showings for a fee outside of peak use periods (typically weekend nights) however need to be mindful we are not taking an amenity away from overnight guests. After all, no one likes to disappoint the children on their big vacation. The theater is also an ideal venue for training, power point and other corporate presentations.

For more information call our Activities Center at 970-726-8231.