Sit back and relax in our 37-seat theater to watch kid-friendly family favorites and classic western movies. The entrance is graced by a movie poster of Clint Eastwood’s, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly which is a nod to the rugged individualism attributed to the West. Beverages and snacks are available through the shop by the Front Desk as well as our onsite restaurants.


Movie Schedule

4PM – Frozen | 6PM – High Noon | 8PM – Eddie the Eagle

4PM – Beauty & the Beast | 6PM – Magnificent Seven | 8PM – Captain America

4PM – The Lion King | 6PM – Shane | 8PM – A River Runs Through It

4PM – Dumbo | 6PM – My Darling Clementine| 8PM – Top Gun

4PM – The Greatest Showman | 6PM – The Outlaw Josie Wales | 8PM – The Notebook

4PM – Brave | 6PM – Hidalgo | 8PM – Lala Land

4PM – Maleficent | 6PM – Comancheros | 8PM – Courage Under Fire