The Ranch-to-Table Experience

Cattle have called this valley home for nearly a century now, a region known for its rich agricultural land and green, rolling pastures. In fact, the original homestead, built back in 1937, operated as a dairy farm until it was later turned into a working dude ranch in 1946. We proudly continue this ranching heritage with our Agricultural program started back in 2013 that has now grown to 150 total cattle, including over 125 purebred Wagyu.

Wagyu is a Japanese cattle breed known for its excellent intra-muscular fat and marbling. It’s the same breed as Kobe beef, which is considered a delicacy by many. Wagyu has gotten popular in recent years due to its unrivaled taste and tenderness. It also offers health benefits due to its high concentration of Omega 3s, 6s and less mono-saturated fats. It’s the nutritional equivalent of salmon, to give you a better idea.

Because few restaurants are able to raise their own beef, let alone Wagyu, it’s safe to say here at Heck’s and Ranch House Restaurant, we’re able to serve the freshest, purest, most tender beef around. And we’re able to do it in a sustainable manner—ensuring the most ethical and humane treatment possible for our cattle. After all, spending their entire lives grazing freely in a lush river valley at the base of the Continental Divide isn’t a bad way to pass the time.

We allow them to breed and give birth essentially in the wild, with the assistance of our seasoned cattle team, Garth and Josiah, whose passion for the animals shows in the care they provide. We’re extremely efficient in how we process our beef as well, working directly with our chefs at the ranch to assure we’re only providing enough to meet the demand of the restaurants, and nothing is wasted. We’re also proud to promote awareness of our cattle program, offering guests the chance to partake in feed rides (pulled by a tractor or horses, depending on the season), team cattle drives, genetic and DNA education, as well as observation of our tattooing and branding practices.

If you’d like to get involved or to meet our herd up close, let us know and we’ll arrange the most relevant activity to meet your interests. Or if you’d like to experience the ultimate ranch-to-table experience for yourself, may we recommend the Wagyu Beef Patty at Heck’s?

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