You don’t have to choose between downhill and cross-country skiing

There are so many ways to enjoy the pure, wintry outdoors when you live at The Ranches at Devil’s Thumb. You can step into the latest snowshoes, grip the handlebars of a fat-tire bike, saddle a horse, or let the horses completely take over as you cozy up in the back of a sleigh. But the most popular way to experience the pure, Colorado terrain is to snap your boots into a pair of skis.

What kind of skis, you may ask? Considering Devil’s Thumb Ranch is repeatedly ranked as one of the top cross-country ski resorts in North America, you might guess that we would only be supporters of cross-country skiing. Guess again! The expert guides at the Nordic Center both recognize and promote the benefits of participating in both downhill and cross-country skiing.

Marie-Ange Anderson, ski instructor at Devil’s Thumb Ranch, says both disciplines are great cardiovascular exercise. “Each engages the whole body working your arms, shoulders, core, chest, back, legs and glutes. Yet given the flatter terrain of Nordic trails, cross-country skiing takes a little more effort than cruising downhill.”

“After a day of navigating Nordic trails, you’re going to feel the burn,” says Anderson. “Heading over to Winter Park for a day of downhill skiing – enjoying the relaxing chair lift up the mountain and the easy pull of gravity on the way down – is a perfect break from your cross-country skiing days.”

“Plus, the proximity of the two resorts offers residents and their guests the best of both worlds,” says Anderson. “On any given day, you have the option of cross-country skiing right outside your door – or downhill skiing just 10 miles down the road.”

“Having every activity level covered is appealing to homeowners here,” says Anderson. “Cross-country skiing is an activity anyone can do. You can even pull a child in a chariot or grab a skijoring rig and have your dog help pull you. For those family members with the need for speed, Winter Park is waiting.”

That’s the beauty of ownership at The Ranches. Everyone can find their happy place – and happy pace.


Our first custom home, The Homestead, is well underway. And our homesites, priced from $750,000, may be developed by the builder of your choice or Devil’s Thumb preferred builders.

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