It’s in your own backyard.

Wondrous scenery, winding trails, and the promise of western adventure aren’t the only appealing views from the homesites here at The Ranches. Rolling pastures of grass-grazing cattle enhance the bucolic scene at Devil’s Thumb Ranch – and your dining experience in the resort’s award-winning restaurants. For these aren’t just any cattle. They are the wonderful breed of Wagyu.

Part of the Japanese Kobe family – Wa meaning Japanese and gyu meaning cow – Wagyu were historically working animals revered on the farm for their superior physical strength. The breed’s rare endurance was attributed to their more intra-muscular fat cells which provided a readily available energy source.

This unique “marbling” has also proven to be the most tender, melt-in-your-mouth beef to ever meet your fork. A rich, buttery, succulent beef, Wagyu is not only a more rewarding cut of meat, but a healthier one, too. High in monounsaturated fats, essential fatty acids, and omega 3 and 6, our Wagyu beef is a farm-to-table indulgence you can feel good about.

A relative newcomer to the United States, Wagyu was first imported in 1975 and still a rare menu find across the country. In fact, Devil’s Thumb Ranch is one of the few North American ranches breeding full-blooded Wagyu cattle. Our naturally-raised population has grown to 172 since our first acquisition of 39 in 2013, with 30-40 harvested per year exclusively for our restaurants that cater to The Ranches homeowners and Devil’s Thumb Ranch guests.

Like the exceptional landscape here at The Ranches, our Wagyu beef is simply unmatched. Taste and see at your next visit to Heck’s Tavern or the Ranch House Restaurant & Saloon.

For Heck’s Tavern reservations, call 970-726-7013.
For Ranch House Restaurant & Saloon reservations, call 970-726-5633.


Our first custom home, The Homestead, is well underway. And our homesites, priced from $750,000, may be developed by the builder of your choice or Devil’s Thumb preferred builders.

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