Soaks & Scrubs

Body Soaks
Lavish yourself with warmth in one of our copper soaking tubs surrounded by soothing sounds and candlelight. Following the soak, a light massage with essential oils enlivens the spirit and hydrates the body.

Hydration Soak
Lush hydration, mountain style. Unwind with the benefits of a mineral salt and hydrating bath gel in one of our copper tubs. After the soak, you will be slathered in a full body quench with our custom shea butter.
$125 / Couples $260

Queen Bee Soak
Sweet, sweet serenity. Relax in buttery nectar milk to soften you skin and soothe you nerves. Unwind from the harrowing workdays, demanding deadlines, overbearing bosses, excessive exercise, rotten luck, frustrating delays and any other bad stuff that happens!
$125 / Couples $260

Body Scrubs
A full-body exfoliation using local and seasonal botanicals.

Signature Scrub
The salts of the earth are utilized in this full body exfoliation.

Alpenglow Scrub
As gentle as an Alpenglow afternoon, the healing properties of sugar are utilized to gently exfoliate the entire body.

Bee Pampered Body Treatment
A heavenly break from the buzzing outside world. Entire body is softened with a spicy cider scrub down, relax in a nectar milk bath. Famished feet and toes are then glazed with a hot honey wrap, left steaming under fresh towels.

Hydrating Body Treatment
The Colorado climate can be rough on a cowgirl or cowboy. Relax while our experts exfoliate dry skin, massage you in a hydrating shea butter and wrap you in a warm cocooned heated blanket. While your sun chapped skin is soaking up the shea butter, enjoy a scalp and foot massage.