Wedding Destination Devil's Thumb Ranch

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From the bride, Amy:


We wanted a wedding destination where everyone could come and stay for a few days and be together. Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa was the perfect fit. The ranch has something for everyone from outdoor activities, a relaxing spa and great food.


The inspiration for our celebration was the beautiful Colorado landscape with New York City in our hearts.


My most memorable moment was our first look. We were both a little nervous during the morning, but we both relaxed once we were able to see each other. At that moment, we both said “I feel so much better now” and I just reaffirmed that, no matter what,with everything going on that day it really was just the two of us.



When they opened the barn doors immediately before the processional, there was an audible gasp in the room. Both the setting and the view were stunning. I walked into the barn and down the aisle to M. Ward’s, “Here Comes the Sun”.


The ceremony was short and sweet, but incredibly memorable. The whole thing lasted about 8 minutes!


My advice: Try not to argue too much during the process of planning a wedding. And during the wedding, take a few steps back to hit pause and take note of what is happening.


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