Treading lightly.

We’re committed to make changes to the Ranch only when they are truly improvements.

Our efforts have been applauded with awards and accolades, including a Mountain Living Magazine award for sustainable building practices, and an EPA Award for Environmentally Sensitive Remodeling and Expansion in 2004.

Some of the ways we work to make sure we tread lightly on our 5000 acres are:

Geothermal Heat – our geothermally heated buildings take advantage of the earth’s own natural heat, harnessing it to warm buildings. This process allows for the Ranch to be less dependent on outside resources and traditional types of fuel, with less pollution and warmer toes for all.

We consistently work to find a “green” solution first!

We work with local vendors and farmers who practice sustainable growth practices and we use organic meats and produce in our Ranch House Restaurant.

Our beautiful Broad Axe Barn features beams saved from a Civil-War Era barn, moved here from Indiana and reconstructed – meaning no new trees fell for the beams of the structure.

We’ve created a water sand filtration system for water filtration and purification, avoiding reliance on man-made resources for water.

In each thing we do, from recycling soda cans, to choosing low phosphorous cleansing products, we consider the end effect to our Ranch and our planet.