Soaks, Scrubs & Wraps

Up a Creek Body Soaks

Remedy Soak

Sit back and relax in one of our oversized copper tubs and let the healing effects of therapeutic mineral salts wash over you. Choose from: Body Purifier, Deep Rest, Muscle Soother or Stress Release. A full body massage follows with corresponding remedy oil. 

80 minutes - $180


Skin Soother Soak

Signature bath sachets with oats and milk powder soothe dry, sensitive skin exposed to the elements or in need of TLC. A full body massage with your choice of oil follows.

80 minutes - $180



Ranch Creek Restoratives


Sole Survivor

Tired, overworked hands and feet from an active lifestyle will feel revitalized. Native Grains exfoliation relieves dry, rough skin. Warm stones are placed on the body while hands and feet are treated to an invigorating Arnica Mint oil massage.  

50 minutes - $135


Deep Forest Exfoliation

This comprehensive full body treatment begins with Native Grains exfoliation followed by a shower rinse. Then it’s “into the woods” with a therapeutic full body massage with energizing Evergreen-infused oil.

80 minutes - $180


Invigorating Mineral Therapy Exfoliation

Our full body “salt of the earth” exfoliation treatment awakens both skin and senses to leave you revitalized and glowing. Includes a full body massage. Choose from: Muscle Soother, Stress Release or Body Purifier.

50 minutes - $135


Head-to-Toe Honey Hydration Wrap

Bee pampered! Local Colorado honey, along with Lavender and Sage massage oils, infuse moisture into dry, parched skin. Enjoy a scalp massage while you are cocooned in a warm honey wrap, and Colorado-made Lunaria skincare products are used for a nourishing facial refresher. Includes a full body massage.

80 minutes - $180


Hydration Body Wrap

Say bye to dry with a full-body Zents Salt Scrub exfoliation, followed by a full-body application of Zents Organic Shea Butter Wrap to alleviate dry, flaky or chapped skin. Includes a full body massage. Choose your favorite Zents scent for inhalation to further enhance this luxurious treatment.

80 minutes - $180