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Nordic Ski Services


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Race Ready Hot Box

Let us do the work to saturate your base with wax for durability and glide, making your skis race ready. The hot box is essentially a large, low-temperature ski oven that allows us to super-saturate the base with wax quickly and effectively. Skis are waxed and then placed in the hot box upside down. They are brought up to temperature slowly, opening the pores in the base to absorb wax and melting the wax layer. The molten wax penetrates deep into the base over time and provides a super-saturation to get skis running quickly right out of the box. The hot box has a digital thermostat and fans to evenly circulate warm air ensuring precise temperatures which lead to excellent absorption of wax.

Basic Hot Box Service

Think of this time saver as the foundation for fast skis. You could spend tedious hours ironing and scraping, but this is much easier. A very soft hydrocarbon wax will be applied to the ski, and then it will be placed in the hot box for 3-6 hours at a temperature of about 50 degrees C. The skis will be allowed to cool, then scraped, brushed and polished. It is recommended that several coats of a harder wax are applied before skiing. $20

Deluxe Hot Box Service
Let us do the prep so you can get skiing. Start with the basic hotbox service, but add in two more coats of wax: one cold hydrocarbon to harden the bases, and then the wax of choice for the current conditions. Your skis are now ready to go. Does not include kick wax.  $35 (ready to ski)
Race Ready
Deluxe Hotbox service with preparation with the specified Swix or Toko race wax (LF or HF). The skis are saturated with soft wax, then hardened with a cold hydrocarbon and finally two layers of LF/HF are applied, scraped, brushed, and polished leaving the skis ready to race or for application of Cera F, Jet Stream, or Helix. If you would like us to add the pure fluorocarbon top layer, it can be done for an additional cost. Please allow ample time for us to prepare your skis before the big race, a 48 hour lead time is preferred.  $55*
*There will be an additional fee for kick wax removal before skis can be placed in the hot box.
Stone Grind
The ultimate in base refurbishment, stone grinding takes worn skis and makes them ski like new again. Grinding also creates a specific base structure for a given snow type and temperature. We currently offer a stone grinding menu of six different grinds. Please ask one of our ski technicians for details!   $50
Waxing Menu:
Basic Glide  $18
LF Race Glide  $40
HF Race Glide  $60
Pine Tar Wooden Skis  $30
Base Prep  $25
Prep + Glide  $35
Prep + Glide + Classic Binder  $40
Removal of Old Kick Wax  $10
Clean + Storage Wax  $10
Additional Services:
Mount/Change Bindings  $10
Change Pole Length  $10
Swap Baskets or Grips  $10