Heck's at the Ranch.

HECK’S - a.k.a. “Hex” - a six sided shape with equidistant lengths, relatively concentric with a center point. 

That’s the definition. Here’s the history....

The hexagonal room that houses Heck's is a replication of a room in one of our country’s national monuments, The Timberline Lodge located at the base of Mt. Hood, Oregon.

We visited the Timberline Lodge in 1999, about the same time we contracted to purchase the Ranch. Taken by the sheer expanse and natural beauty of the hex room at Timberline, we felt there were few buildings that  built today with that type of grand and inspiring craftsmanship. After that visit, including a hexagonal room as a centerpiece became the focus in planning the Lodge here at Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa.  

If you look at the room’s architecture, you will notice several unique attributes, including Cascade arches, pegged beams and butterfly pegs. The giant posts and beams are Douglas Fir from Vancouver Island. Thesiding is Larch. The floor (which is heated by environmentally-friendly geothermal sources) is reclaimed spruce. The stone used to build the fireplace is from a nearby rock slide - and is the same stone used for the fireplace in the original 1937 Ranch homestead, which is now Ranch House Restaurant.

We hope that your visit to the Ranch, and in particular, the time you spend in Heck’s, will serve to inspire and renew you.


Heck's Hours

Served seven days a week
7:30am  - 11:30am

Served daily
11:30am  - 5pm

Sunday - Thursday, 5pm - 9pm
Friday - Saturday, 5pm - 10pm

Heck's Bar
Sunday - Thursday until 10pm
Friday - Saturday until 1am

Alpenglow Happy Hour

Sunday - Thursday, 4pm - 6pm
(excluding Holidays)
Enjoy 2 for 1 Well Drinks
$3 House Wine By-the-Glass
$2 Any 23oz Draft Beer On Tap
$8 Any Wine By-the-Glass
Complimentary Appetizers from 4pm - 5pm
Chef's Small Plates discounted from 4pm - 6pm

Live Music at Heck's

Fri, Dec.19 5:30pm-8:30pm - Dave Rynhart
Sat, Dec.20 5:30pm-8:30pm - Dave Rynhart
Sun, Dec.21 4pm-6pm - Rob Drabkin
Mon, Dec.22 4pm-6pm - Rob Drabkin
Tue, Dec.23 4pm-6pm - Rob Drabkin
Wed, Dec.24 - Shaw Family Carolers
Thu, Dec.25 - No Entertainment
Fri, Dec.26 5:30pm-8:30pm - Rob Drabkin
Sat, Dec.27 5:30pm-8:30pm - Kenny Lee Young
Sun, Dec.28 4pm-6pm - Gary Key
Mon, Dec.29 4pm-6pm - Gary Key
Tue, Dec.30 4pm-6pm - Gary Key
Wed, Dec.31 - No Entertainment
Thu, Jan.1 4pm-6pm - Weston Smith
Fri, Jan.2 5:30pm-8:30pm - Tom McNeil
Sat, Jan.3 5:30pm-8:30pm - Tom McNeil
Sun, Jan.4 4pm-6pm - Wayne Faust
Mon, Jan.5 4pm-6pm - Wayne Faust
Tue, Jan.6 4pm-6pm - Kenny Lee Young
Wed, Jan.7 4pm-6pm - Rob Drabkin
Thu, Jan.8 4pm-6pm - Rob Drabkin
Sun, Jan.11 4pm-6pm - Dave Rynhart
Mon, Jan.12 4pm-6pm - Dave Rynhart
Tues, Jan.13 4pm-6pm - Kenny Lee Young
Wed, Jan.14 4pm-6pm - Carey Robinson
Thu, Jan.15 4pm-6pm - Carey Robinson
Sun, Jan.18 4pm-6pm - Megan Burtt
Mon, Jan.19 4pm-6pm - Megan Burtt
Tue, Jan.20 4pm-6pm - Andy Straus
Wed, Jan.21 4pm-6pm - Kyle James Hauser
Thu, Jan.22 4pm-6pm - Kyle James Hauser
Sun, Jan.25 4pm-6pm - Andy Straus
Mon, Jan.26 4pm-6pm - Weston Smith
Tues, Jan.27 4pm-6pm - Weston Smith
Wed, Jan.28 4pm-6pm - Andy Straus
Thu, Jan.29 4pm-6pm - Andy Straus

Reservations recommended.

Call Heck's 970-726-7013