There's a lot of talk about going green.

But here in the west, it’s always just made plain good sense to conserve resources, reuse, recycle, and repurpose. We’re proud to be the recipients of an EPA Award for Responsible Development & Historic Preservation and have committed to only building on about 80 acres of our total wilderness acreage. We’ve reserved the rest for our elk, deer, moose, trout, coyote and fox populations.

Here are just a few other ways we try to limit our impact.

- Many of our buildings are heated with the earth’s own geothermal heat, which reduces our dependence on
natural gas and electricity. (It also feels mighty nice on your toes after a day of skiing.)
- We use dual flush toilets in our lodge rooms to conserve water.
- We use florescent bulbs extensively to conserve energy.
- Much of the interior trim wood in our lodge is beetle-kill lodgepole pine.
- Many of our floors are reclaimed spruce wood - the floors in Heck’s Tavern are from standing-dead
Douglas Fir. (Lessens the fire danger, and looks great, too!)
- The rock on all building exteriors and on the fireplace in Heck’s Tavern in our lodge is from a local landslide.
- We recycle whenever possible, both in-house and by encouraging our guests to do so by providing multiple recycling centers around the Ranch.
- In our cabins, catalytic converters on fireplaces reduce emissions.
- Our bath towels are made with a micro-cotton that takes 20% less time to dry in a commercial dryer.
- All our wastewater is either reclaimed or returns to the ground and surface water supply as clean as it was before use thanks to a specially designed sand filtration system.
- We use all natural, organic and biodegradable cleaning and spa products.
- Clothing carried in our retail areas come from companies who use sustainable materials and organic materials.
- Our restaurants use organic, sustainable and locally grown meats and produce whenever possible.
- Our Broad Axe Barn facility is a reclaimed Civil-War era barn that was moved here and rebuilt piece-by-piece.
- We change linens only every third day unless specifically requested by our guests, conserving water and energy. Towels are changed every other day unless by guest request.
- We use solar energy to power and heat multiple buildings on property.