Ranch Creek Facials

All facials are available for 50 or 80 minutes


Ranch Creek Spa Signature Facial

Our comprehensive signature facial is customized for your specific skin type to leave you with glowing, healthy, balanced skin.
$125 / $170


Eminence Vitaskin Facial

A solution for every skincare concern. Choose from: Bright Skin to fade hyperpigmentation, Clear Skin to target acne or isolated breakouts, Calm Skin to soothe sensitive/rosacea prone skin or Anti-Aging to hydrate and restore youth.
$125 / $170


Eminence Biodynamic Facial

This is the purest facial on Earth using the finest organic ingredients. The Biodynamic facial offers a gentle but effective approach to skincare and is suitable for all -  including the most delicate skin types.

$125 / $170


Lunaria Eco-Facial

The natural, high-performing Lunaria eco-skincare line was developed and tested right here in Colorado at 10,000 feet altitude. It is suitable for all skin types and concerns including dryness, pigmentation, congestion, premature aging and sensitivity.
$125 / $170