Going on an adventure?

Zipping, biking and beyond, we have just the thing to capture every moment!

We now have EGO Extreme Sports Cameras available for rent! You can shoot a video and snap some pictures to take home as a great momento of your trip!

  • Cameras are $25 for a day rental. (Includes Micro SD memory card.)
  • Mount the camera on your zip line helmet or bike handle bars.
  • Keep the Micro SD memory card with all of your videos and pictures to view and upload at your own convenience.

The EGO is a WIFI-enabled mountable HD Action Camera that can be mounted with a variety of accessories; it is much more than your average helmet cam. The Liquid Image app, for iOS and Android, enables the camera to stream live view, let you view your photos and videos, act as a remote control to activate the camera and much more.