Childhood Ties and Deja Vu

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The location for this wedding is pretty special. After an unplanned visit during their one year anniversary trip and discovering a unique tie to Jessica’s childhood, Jessica and Zach both knew they would someday be married at Devil’s Thumb Ranch. With the venue’s towering pines, expansive meadows and a gorgeous barn, I think they made a great decision! A bit more of the story from Zach:


"During our anniversary trip we stayed at a bed and breakfast just down the road from Devil’s Thumb Ranch. We stumbled onto the ranch when we were looking for a place to hike that weekend, and we immediately fell in love with it. We went to dinner there that night and, even though we weren’t engaged, we decided at that moment that we would get married there. Jessica had a weird deja vu sensation at the ranch, and it wasn’t until after we had left that she realized that as a little girl her parents would take her there for nordic skiing. At that time it was a small one room building. We both love the mountains and Colorado, so an elegant, rustic, mountain wedding in a barn was just what we were looking for."


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