Before it's too late for the Fraser River

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Denver Water’s Moffat Firming Project threatens to effectively kill the aquatic habitat of the Fraser River. Denver Water is currently taking over half of the River’s flows by diverting it to the Front Range, and we are seeing serious declines in River health and aquatic life.


The proposal, which requires a Permit from the US Army Corps of Engineers, will increase the diversion to the Front Range to about 80% without an enforceable plan to ensure the long-term health of the River. Information developed so far is inadequate to assess impacts, and science cannot fully answer what will happen once the River is left with only 20% of its natural flows.


No one knows for sure what the impact will be to the River, therefore a mechanism must be in place to address problems that arise in the future. The only protection for the River going forward is to make sure that Adaptive Management and Monitoring is included in the Permit.


The Corps of Engineers is about to make a decision  on the content of the Permit. Please let the Corps know how important it is to include Adaptive Management and Monitoring in the Permit-this is the last chance for the Fraser River.


By signing the petition, you will send the Governor Hickenlooper, the Corps and involved government officials the message below, and you will have done your part to save a River.